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About Hitter's House

The first of its kind, the Hitter’s House is a professionally-inspired indoor hitting facility open 24/7, year-round to allow baseball and softball players of all ages the opportunity to work on their swing and improve their game no matter the time or season.

Batting Cages

Cage dwellers welcome at Hitter’s House. The commercial cage floor features wall-to-wall batting cages equipped with automated, state-of-the-art machines, which allow for adjustable pitch speeds and difficulties. Reloadable swipe cards are used for purchasing individual rounds. Membership is not required for access to commercial cages.

24/7 Access

All day, every day. Hitter’s House members receive 24/7 access to improve their game on their schedule. The members-only area includes five cages designated for live hitting or drills, as well as two bullpen areas with mounds for pitchers.

Demo Marucci Products

Why do Big Leaguers choose Marucci? See for yourself. Marucci products inspired, tested, and approved by Big Leaguers are available for hitters to demo on-site and are available for purchase in the Marucci Store.